Advantages and Disadvantages of Screen-Printed Promotional Wear

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When it comes to printing your logo or design on apparel and other products, there are two main methods: vinyl heat transfer and screen printing. Both offer different solutions for a wide variety of situations, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks.

With screen printing, an image or design is printed directly onto the fabric of a t-shirt or other product. The process is extremely versatile, and allows for the printing of complex, multi-colored designs. Screen printing is also the best method for printing on a large number of items at a very affordable cost.

Screen printers are known for imprinting custom t-shirts, but they’ve also started branching out and offering other customized merchandise, such as drinkware, pens, tech gadgets, tote bags and more. This means that you can offer your clients, customers or employees a full suite of customized swag to support their business, and they’ll be reminded of your company each time they use it.

Whether you’re handing out promotional swag at a trade fair or hosting a community volunteer event, screen-printed merchandise is a great way to reach your audience and increase visibility for your brand. The low price of screen-printed merchandise makes it an ideal solution for large events and long-term campaigns, as you can order in bulk and still keep your costs down.

Retail-quality screen printing guarantees a high level of print quality, with vibrant, lasting colors and accurate details. It’s the best choice if you want your custom apparel to look professional and represent your brand in the best light possible.

A downside of using screen printing is that each color in the design requires its own separate screen, which drives up the overall cost of your order. This is a big reason why you should know exactly how many shirts or other products you’ll need when you contact a custom screen printer. Having an approximate head count will give you the most accurate quote and ensure that you have enough of each item.

When you’re ordering a number of shirts or other products for your organization, consider adding embroidery to some of them. This adds a personal touch that will make your customers or employees feel appreciated, and it can be done on the same equipment as screen printing. Embroidery is a great option for branded attire, and also offers the ability to print monograms and appliques.

If you’re looking for a complete branding package, work with a company that offers custom screen printing services. This will reduce logistical costs, as well as simplify the ordering process for your team. In addition, working with a single provider will ensure consistency and continuity in the design and messaging across all of your branded merchandise. To get started, talk to the best custom printing company and be sure to bring in clips of the artwork that you want on your shirts. They’ll then provide you with a proof that you can eyeball to confirm that everything is correct before it goes into production.