Divorce: What to Look for in a Professional Divorce Attorney

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One of the most crucial choices you will ever have to make when dealing with family matters such as divorce, paternity, restraining orders, legal separation, child custody and support, and separation is selecting the right family law attorney. In order to reach a settlement that is optimal for you, your children, and your spouse or ex-spouse, your attorney will assist you in sorting through the difficulties. They will also help you with property division, parenting or time-sharing plans, creating marital agreements (pre-nuptials or post-nuptials), and filing for spousal and/or child support.

Finding an Orlando family law lawyer in Florida that satisfies your needs is the first step. To find out who specializes in family law and what their credentials are, look up their name in the phone book or online. It is advisable that you question prospective attorneys about their experience handling cases like to yours and the kind of outcomes they have brought about for their clients. They ought to be able to provide you with concise, intelligible answers to your inquiries. Assess the team’s capabilities and determine if paralegals, expert witness access, and other resources are available to support your case.

Make an appointment for your initial discussions with the potential family law attorneys on your shortlist. To give you the chance to meet with them and go over your case, the majority of lawyers will offer these for free or at a discounted charge. To ensure you get the most out of the session, it is a good idea to create a list of questions beforehand.

Observe how a prospective attorney handles you or how their staff members communicate with one another. This gives you a decent idea of the kind of diligence you can anticipate from them during the course of your case. It’s not a good indicator if they are unpleasant or unfriendly, and you might want to look for another family law attorney.

A competent family law attorney can be sympathetic to your needs and can recognize that you are going through a difficult emotional moment. They will support you every step of the way and have the ability to clearly explain complicated legal issues. They will always act in your best interest and give you counsel based on the law, your unique situation, and their extensive experience practicing family law.

Veliz Katz Law is a family-focused law company that helps clients with disputed and uncontested divorces, property division, restraining orders, domestic violence, adoptions, and child custody and visitation. It also offers dispute resolution through mediation. David W. Veliz, the managing partner, has over 25 years of experience practicing family law. In addition, he serves as a volunteer guardian ad litem for kids. He has a Florida license to practice. He also handles probate and estate planning matters. He belongs to the American Bar Association’s Family Law Section as well as the Florida Bar Association.