How to Find a Qualified Child Custody Attorney

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Whether you are divorcing from your spouse or never married in the first place, there is likely to be some disagreement over child custody arrangements. Fortunately, Florida law supports shared parental responsibility and time-sharing between parents. This allows the children to spend a significant amount of time with each parent and gives both parties the ability to make crucial medical, educational and religious decisions for their kids. While Florida judges generally favor shared parenting, they will award sole decision-making authority to one parent if dual parental responsibility would be detrimental to the child’s welfare.

A good Parental Rights attorney will help you determine the best arrangement in your specific situation. This will include a detailed time-sharing schedule and the division of parental responsibilities. It will also address how the child’s health, education and well-being will be impacted by each parent’s schedule. The plan will also set forth how the child’s belongings are to be distributed between the parents and any other issues deemed appropriate.

In most cases, the parties will be able to work out an agreement between themselves on their parenting arrangements. The agreement will then need to be approved by the court. This is important because if either party fails to honor the terms of the custody agreement, then the other party may seek to have the court re-consider its original ruling. In these situations, the judge will weigh the evidence presented and determine what is in the child’s best interest.

It is extremely difficult to get sole custody of a child in Florida. This is not to say that it is impossible, but it will take a tremendous amount of work and a lawyer that believes in your cause and is willing to fight for you. Fathers who seek sole custody often face a great deal of resistance from the mother. If you want to be the sole decision maker for your child, then you will need to present strong evidence that the mother is unreliable or dangerous.

Child Protective Services (CPS) are involved in many child custody cases in Florida. This is because CPS has the power to remove a child from a parent’s home if it has been determined that the parent is unfit. This process is called dependency court and it operates separately from Family Court.

Finding a good Child Custody attorney in Pensacola FL is essential to protecting your rights. You should hire a family lawyer that is familiar with this area of the law and has experience handling these types of cases. This is because each judge has different tendencies and approaches to child custody cases. A skilled attorney can prepare the necessary paperwork and argue your case before the judge in the most effective manner possible. This will allow you to avoid lengthy and costly legal challenges. It will also ensure that you receive the custody arrangements that you desire for your child(ren). For more information about how a family lawyer can assist you with your custody case, please call Ayo and Iken today to set up an appointment for a free consultation.